Blossom Beauty Day Spa

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Lala Shin - Blossom Beauty Day Spa

Graphic Design, Photography, Web Design
About This Project

Lala from Blossom Beauty Day Spa came to us with a logo and asked for the creation of a visual design and build of her new website. Working with an existing logo and colour palette was no trouble, and with a few adjustments and additions we were able to present Lala with a visual design mockup quickly. The layout and structure of the website has been carefully planned to be as easy to navigate as possible for Blossom’s clients, while maintaining a great level of functionality.


Key aspects of this site were integrating the booking system that Blossom already used, and another was processing many 3rd-party imagery to correct brand standards. Since this site has launched it hasĀ been enjoying great website search rankings due to our implementation of a SEO plan.


Filament was responsible for the portrait photography of Lala herself, and this was done in a photo studio.


By creating and maintaining a strong online presence Blossom Beauty Day Spa has been able to reach more customers and gain more market share in the competitive arena of local beauty spas. Filament Design isĀ proud to support Lala Shin in her business.