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Colleen Hammonds, Okay2Stay Founder.

Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design, Wordpress Development
About This Project

What a project! Working with our client, Colleen Hammonds, to bring this wonderful idea to fruition has been an amazing experience. Colleen came to us with a vision to bring an exciting new concept to kiwi shores: Okay2Stay is a website where motorhome/campervan users can signup and be directed to free places to stay. The wonderful part about Okay2Stay is that each place you can stay is very special, perhaps a vineyard, or a orchard, or a farmlet, or other cottage industry. This is truly gourmet-meets-glamping-meets-freedom-meets-campervans!


The initial project saw Filament working to create a brand based on sketches and conversations we had with Colleen. After several rounds of revisions we got it just right and proceeded with the visual design of the website. It needed to look appealing, friendly, trustworthy, and approachable. Plus it had to give off the feeling of warm summer days travelling our great country!


Great care was taken to ensure the visual design would fold-down well to mobile device sizes, as we knew that many of Okay2Stay’s clients would be accessing this website on their mobiles or tablets. The design was streamlined to ensure that it would function well in areas of patchy cell-coverage, and we designed options for people who had no access to the Okay2Stay database due to being completely out of coverage (as happens frequently when travelling to far flung areas of NZ).


Being a very unique project meant that we build Okay2Stay in a very thoughtful and custom manner. A bespoke CMS was create especially for this project, and many curious hours of iteration to design, build, test, and check functionality were undertaken.


Special features of this project include:


  • Google Maps API intergration
  • Membership and login functionality
  • Auto emails
  • Database design and build
  • Custom visual design
  • Custom Content Management System (CMS)
  • Processing and formatting large quantities of data
  • Site architecture and prototyping


All this ensured our client, Colleen, got a wonderful product that served her customers well. Our aim was always to present the person using the website with a fluid and intuitive interface that enhanced their holiday to New Zealand.


We are delighted to have been involved with this project and we wish Colleen and her family all the best for the future of their business venture! Happy travels!


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